This prayer service offers participants (perhaps a school staff) an opportunity to debrief after their busy day by moving to a different environment where the aim is to create a shift in expectation and mood.


Tranquillity is a group reflection. It would be best experienced outdoors, preferably under a tree. Create an atmosphere by using signs and symbols that evoke a memory or experience of:

  • Peace
  • Centredness
  • Wholeness


1. Respected Mother Prayer

In a circle - let us all close our eyes.

Seek the Creator Spirit with our hearts and minds.

Seek the face of love.

Feel the earth beneath your feet, linking you to the past, standing where others have stood before you.

The earth is Mother.

Hear Mother call out to her child,

Her suffering is still and deep.

Listen to her prayer.


2. One Voice Reads

We stand under the canopy of eternity to look at this beautiful ancient lady who looked after her people by providing them with identity, home, spirituality, shelter, protection, nourishment and healing.

Breathe in slowly the sacredness that is all around you.
Exhale gently so as not to disturb the serenity of Mother.

Feel the wind / breeze on your face:
Tantalising, sweet.
Coming from nowhere, going to anywhere.
But... bringing the gentle hint of a promise of hope.
Quell the silent tears of Mother by re-establishing your spiritual bond to the land.


Listen to the sounds of the bush:
Hear the birds as they flit around singing
Imagine them as they majestically catch the breeze with their wings.
The rustling of the leaves as the gentle wind weaves the magic of Mother.


Smell the fragrance of the bush:
welcoming and

Imagine the sounds from a time long gone: The clap-sticks keeping beat. The voices of the people as they celebrate their existence. Hear the voice of the Elder telling the ancient stories once written in the land.

The droning of the didjeridoo (optional, as the didjeridoo is not a Victorian instrument). A time when the land and the people were one.

Now, no more dancing, no more song.


3. Reflection: Be Still or My Spirit Thirsts

Leader: As we conclude this reflection, may we take this unique gift of 'dadirri' back to our schools (or places of work).

Teach our children to honour the spirit of the Kulin people by respecting the land. God's presence is there and may we gain strength from the knowledge that our Creator is walking with us as we journey towards Reconciliation for ALL Australians.