Reconciliation Gayip

15 May 2001 - Celebrating our past, present and future

  • Reconciliation Gayip 'Gift Song' sung by Jayden Lillyst, Kutcha Edwards and the Northern Cluster of Indigenous students (QuickTime Audio Image File)

On 15 May 2001, Catholic school students from all regions of Melbourne gathered at the Rod Laver Arena for Reconciliation Gayip, the Archdiocese of Melbourne's major celebration for the Centenary of Federation. More than 13,000 Catholic primary and secondary school students heard the stories of Melbourne's Aboriginal peoples. The two-hour ceremony included a mix of storytelling, music, song, drama and dance.

Reconciliation Gayip highlighted first and foremost the cultural heritage of the Aboriginal people of Melbourne. It also celebrated the achievements made towards Reconciliation with Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islanders, and called for further work to ensure Reconciliation is reached.

Father Doyle, the Director of Catholic Education, said that this Reconciliation event was about moving through the loss and grief of broken relationships. "It is important the stories of the Kulin Nation peoples and all Indigenous are voiced and heard, even though there is pain in the telling. There will also be joy and laughter and dance and the opportunity for 'new hope' and a new beginning," Father Doyle said.

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