The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Programs at CERES provide an opportunity for groups to engage with Indigenous educators who share their cultural identity and history. CERES is a place, which exists to initiate and support environmental sustainability and social equity, with an emphasis on cultural richness and community participation.

Indigenous people have been working with CERES for almost two decades in creating and delivering our Indigenous Cultural Programs. Groups visiting CERES have a unique opportunity to interact and experience Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultures in the marvellous surrounds of the 10 acre CERES parkland.

On the day, you will meet up to four CERES Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander educators and spend the program time participating in a selection of experiential and hands-on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander activities, including sharing cultural identity, learning uses of indigenous plants and tasting bush-foods, weaving with indigenous grasses, ochre painting, boomerang throwing, storytelling, song and dance.

All of our programs are linked to VELS/AusVELS

Contact us by phone: 03 9389 0144 or email: education@ceres.org.au
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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Programs

P - YR 10 students

Cultural Identity

  • Hear about the history and culture of the Wurundjeri Aboriginal and Torres Straits Islander people.
  • Gain an understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Straits Islander country and geography.


 Bush Tucker

  • Explore the CERES bush-food garden and identify indigenous plant species to learn about their uses for food, drink, medicine, tools and building materials.
  • Make traditional bracelets using indigenous plant.


Ochre (Rock Painting & Aboriginal Art)

  • Learn about Aboriginal ochre techniques and symbols.
  • Grind ochre and paint symbols on rocks.
  • Learn Dreamtime stories from Wurundjeri Country.


Boomerang & Dance

  • Learn songs and dances in this interactive music session.
  • Listen to and play the Didgeridoo and clap sticks.
  • Learn about the history and uses of various tools and weapons, including boomerangs, firesticks and spears.
  • Throw a boomerang.