Royal Botanic Gardens

Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

The Aboriginal Resource Trail P-12

The Aboriginal Resource Trail is designed to give students a greater understanding and respect for the local Kulin culture. Students visit Long Island, where indigenous plant habitat has been returned and understand the significance of Waa (the raven) and Birrarung (Yarra River). Experiences include making and using ochre paint and string from plant fibre. The emphasis is on diversity and examining sustainable land practices used by Aboriginal people.

Teacher kit is available on RBG website.
Full day program with Koorie Heritage Trust available.

Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne

Primary student program: P- 6

Shared Country

Discover the importance of the environment to the Kulin people and how plants are used for food, fibre, medicine and tools. Experiences can include a discovery walk, examining artefacts, ochre painting and string making using natural fibre.

Secondary student programs: Years 7-10

Shared Country

Explore the country of the Kulin people. Discover who the Kulin are and how they traditionally use plants for food, fibre, medicine and tools. Experiences include a discovery walk, sensory exploration of plants and landscape, handling Kulin artefacts and using plant fibre to make string.

Wilams not Wigwams

Work in teams to construct indigenous bush shelters from Stringybark slabs and poles. Discover the nature of traditional shelters and find out about the traditional layout of a Kulin settlement and community. Experiences include construction, teamwork, decision making and handling Kulin artefacts.


Discover some of the indigenous food plants of this region of Victoria, and others from across this vast continent. Find them growing in the bush and learn how they were prepared. Experiences include discovery walk, sensory exploration of plants and landscape, handling Kulin artefacts, team work, decision making and trying bushfood.

Programs cost $9.90 per student for 1.45 minutes and are run by a fully qualified teacher. We provide all materials needed for the program and we can also tailor make program content in negotiation with schools.

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