Immigration Museum

Victoria's early immigrants came to a land of abundance that had been nurtured by Aboriginal people for thousands of years.

For two centuries, newcomers have brought their skills and culture. They have adapted to what they found, and introduced new ways.

Aboriginal people have continued to maintain and adapt their traditions.

Our everyday world is the result of these countless journeys.

Education Programs at the Immigration Museum


CSF 2 Levels 4-6

The Passport experience provides an engaging guide for the students exploring the Museum. It focuses the students on themes of the Immigration Museum - Leavings, Journeys, Arrival, Settlings, Reunions and Impacts. It provides students with a special souvenir of their visit.

Pack Your Bags

CSF 2 Levels 1-3

An early years program specifically designed for students exploring immigration and cultural diversity. Students pack a suitcase and travel through the galleries of the Immigration Museum. Objects and costumes bring alive the stories of immigrants and their experience of the journey to Australia.

Around the Immigration Museum

The Around the Immigration Museum Program provides adult ESL and literacy learners with a focused introduction to the museum, an opportunity to learn more about Victoria's cultural diversity and to set themselves into the context of our immigration history.

For more information, visit the Immigration Museum website