Koorie Heritage Trust

The Koorie Heritage Trust is an Aboriginal owned and managed not-for-profit organization established in 1985.

Our Vision is to build a society where Aboriginal culture and history is a respected and valued part of Australian life.

Our Purpose is to preserve, protect and promote the Aboriginal culture of South Eastern Australia and in doing so, bridge the cultural gap between Koories and the wider community.

We offer a variety of education programs designed and delivered by Indigenous cultural guides and Educators. Our programs are suitable for a broad range of educational and training needs. Programs are tailored to suit all levels of primary, secondary and tertiary students, community groups, tourists, and the corporate sector.

All our KHT education programs have been mapped against Victorian Essentials Learning Standards (VELS).

Education Programs

Introduction to Koorie Culture Walking Tour

Length: 1.45-2.00 hrs

This program begins at the beautiful Flagstaff Gardens where you will be met by your guide from the Koorie Heritage Trust. The Flagstaff Gardens is the highest hill in the Melbourne CBD area. The area was known as Brejerrenewyn to the local Aboriginal people and is a site of cultural significance. As part of the program, you will be introduced to the early settlement history of Melbourne. From the gardens, the program will take you to Trust to discover the richness and diversity of South-Eastern Aboriginal culture. This program is designed to be interactive, informative and enlightening.

Introduction to Koorie Culture Walking Tour and Curriculum Workshop

Length: 2.00-3.00 hrs

Our Introduction to Koorie Culture Walking Tour and Curriculum Workshop is a professional development opportunity for Teachers and School staff.

This program commences with the Introduction to Koorie Culture Walking Tour Having completed the walk, participants will be better equipped to put the curriculum workshop into a more manageable context. You will workshop The Australian National curriculum Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cross curriculum priority using teaching resources developed at the Trust.

“Walkin’ Birrarung” - The River Walk

Length: 1.45-2.00hrs

For an alternate experience, we also offer The River Walk whereby you will be introduced to Melbourne’s Aboriginal and early settlement history through significant sites and landmarks located along the banks of the Birrarung (the Yarra River). Commencing at Enterprize Park, the tour concludes at Princes Bridge and Federation Square.



Schools Curriculum Support

We also offer a Schools Curriculum Support program to support you in embedding cros cultural priorities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander History, Country and Culture.
Working with you, we will develop a program that suits your needs.
A sample of what we offer is can be found on our Cultural Education webpage.

PD for Teachers

We can tailor a PD for Teachers program on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cross curriculum priority inclusion into planning to suit the particular needs of your school. Teaching resources that we have developed can be found on our Cultural Education webpage.

Indigenous Cross Cultural Awareness Training

At the Trust, we also offer several Cross Cultural Awareness Training packages that can be tailored to meet the needs of your organisation. Content can include an historical overview of Aboriginal culture in Victoria, information in relation to past government policies and their effect on communities today, current information on Indigenous communities in Victoria, details of programs operating in communities, community organizations and the functions of a community organizations and communication and engaging with the Aboriginal community.

Further information

Please visit our webpage www.koorieheritagetrust.com or contact our Education Coordinator by telephone on (03) 8622 2600, fax (03) 9602 4333 or by email at info@koorieheritagetrust.com.

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