About the Taungerong - the Taungerong People

Today the cities and towns of Yea, Eildon, Kilmore, Seymour, Wangaratta, Benalla and Mansfield are on the land of the Taungerong.

The Taungerong people fought hard to protect their lands when the pastoralists began to fence off areas that belonged to the Taungerong. The fate of the Taungerong was similar to all the Kulin Nation peoples where diseases, warfares, etc. were extenuating circumstances to the decline of the population. Originally, the Taungerong were moved to the Acheron Mission and when this mission station was closed down, survivors were sent to Coranderrk Aboriginal Mission at Healesville, in the land of the Wurundjeri.

Camp Jungai, a well known place attended by Victorian Aboriginal peoples for school camps and conferences, is situated on Taungerong land. Camp Jungai is located at Rubicon in the Lake Eildon district.

It has been noted that due to the drought currently being experienced in Victoria, the level of Lake Eildon has dropped dramatically. This has revealed a large number of scarred trees and in particular, a burial tree. Taungerong people today still reside in the country of their ancestors, others have moved to other areas, but their link with their 'Mother' country remains strong.

The following is a list of the clans within the Tuangerong area:

  • Nattarak-bulluk (Goulburn River near Seymour)
  • Leuk-willam / Look-yellan (near Kilmore)
  • Nira-balluk (Kilmore)
  • Warring-illam-balluk (Junction of the Yea and Goulburn Rivers)
  • Yowung-illam-balluk / Yauung-illam-Balluk (Alexandra, Upper Yea River)
  • Buthera-balluk (Goulburn River, Seymour)
  • Yaran-illam (East side of Goulburn River below Mitchellstown)
  • Yeerun-illam-balluk (Broken River, Benalla)


The Taungerong people occupied the lands north of the Great Dividing Range to south-east of Mansfield, northwards past Benalla, across to Wangaratta in the west. The western boundary was provided by the Great Dividing Range then proceeded south to Kyneton, embracing the catchment areas for the Campaspe and Goulburn Rivers, as well as Broken River and Broken Creek.

Language / terminology

Some key terms of the Taungerong people (and their English equivalent) are noted here:

  • Balluk - swamp
  • Nira - cave
  • Illam - bark, hut, camp


The two moeity totems of the Taungerong people are Bunjil the Eaglehawk and Waang the Crow.

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A Taungerong Story

Click above for an interview with Mrs Glenys Merry, an Elder of the Taungerong.