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When Europeans first settled the Port Phillip region it was already occupied by five Aboriginal language groups. These groups spoke a related language and were part of the KULIN (Koolin) nation of peoples. The people are:

  • Wathaurong (Wath-er-rong) - The Wathaurong People
  • Woiwurrung (Woy-wur-rung) - The Wurundjeri People
  • Taungerong (Tung-ger-rong) - The Taungerong People

Each of these groups consisted of up to six or more land-owning units called clans that spoke a related language and were connected through cultural and mutual interests, totems, trading initiatives and marriage ties.

Traditionally, the Kulin people lived as hunters and gatherers for many generations. Seasonal changes in the weather and availability of foods would determine where campsites were located.

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