Professional Learning 2010

01 July 2010

AGQTP Indigenous Literacy and Numeracy Framework and Cultural Literacies

The activity consists of three days of focussed instruction (workshops) designed to build on and increase the knowledge and expertise of leading teachers. The focus of these sessions is about using data to inform the teaching and learning program for Indigenous students and students with additional learning needs. A clear framework has been designed to inform teachers of a pathway to meet the needs of students with additional learning needs. This works through the process of identification, using appropriate diagnostic tools to determine the student’s needs and analysing the results to inform teachers how to implement an effective teaching and learning program. During the analysis process teachers are trained to analyse the results and to determine what the literacy and numeracy needs of the student are. They determine
a. what the student needs to learn
b. what teaching options are available to facilitate this learning
c. how the teaching options will be implemented
d. evaluate the effectiveness of the teaching pathway

Indigenous Perspectives in an Inquiry based model

This workshop will present the units of work currently on the Yarra Healing website and the six new units that have been developed in 2010.

Embedding Indigenous perspectives in the contemporary classroom is essential. The new National Curriculum has placed significant importance on a thread of Indigenous topics throughout the curriculum. This workshop will give participants a range of ideas and resources to meet these curriculum changes in their schools.