Be part of the VAEAI Koorie Year 12 Yearbook 2015!

14 October 2015

Dear Koorie Year 12 Student,

Firstly we want to congratulate you on reaching your final year of school. The Victorian Aboriginal Education Association Incorporated (VAEAI) is very proud of your achievement. Last year 512 Koorie students completed Year 12 in Victoria. Each year we are seeing an increase in the number of Koorie students who are completing VCE or VCAL.

VAEAI has been celebrating the success of Koorie Year 12 students by hosting Koorie Year 12 Statewide graduation ceremonies, since 2013. VAEAI also produced a Statewide Koorie Year 12 Yearbook. This year we are looking to do it again!

We would like to include you in the Yearbook and invite you to the Koorie Statewide graduation. A page in the Yearbook will be dedicated to you, with your photo and your answers to the student profile. 

When the Yearbook has been printed we will post you a copy. This will be a record for you and your family to keep. We believe that by publishing the Yearbook your success will inspire more Koorie students in communities around Victoria to go on to Year 12. We wish you all the best with completing your studies this year and with your plans after Year 12. Please see below for a copy of the registration form and a flyer about the Yearbook.

Warm Regards, 

Geraldine Atkinson
VAEAI President