Congratulations Kirsty Fealy!

03 December 2015




My name is Kirsty Fealy and I am a year 11 student at MacKillop College in Werribee, completing VCE. I am a very enthusiastic and dedicated student towards my studies. I have many goals that I hope to achieve, however my main goal is to complete high school to the best of my ability, and to become an international Human Rights lawyer. This is an area that I have been passionate about for many years.

I have recently been selected as College Captain for my school. As the first Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander College Captain, this is an amazing achievement and will give me the opportunity to make a difference, inspire and let my voice be heard.

I am the voice that will represent my other fellow Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students at this school and raise awareness about my culture.

I have worked hard in all areas of high school to achieve this goal, and I will be forever grateful for the amazing opportunities that will come from being selected as a College Captain. Prior to being selected as a College Captain, I have been involved and been chosen as a leader in my school. I have participated in my school’s Social Justice Group. This has been a great experience that has enabled me to act upon my beliefs and raise awareness for issues in society across the globe that I am passionate about and that are close to my heart.

I have also been involved in the Student Representative Council at my school. I was a representative for my year level in year 8, 9, 10, 11 and now 12. I have a passion for the Student Representative Council, as it allows me to promote student voice and improve the environment for the students. I have also been selected by the University of Melbourne as a Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholar. This opportunity allows me to extend on my academic and leadership skills. 

Through my leadership roles, I have met some amazing students and teachers, who have inspired me to achieve many things, motivated me and supported me throughout everything.

Through my leadership positions, I have aspired to adopt the philosophy of servant leadership, where I focus primarily on the growth and wellbeing of others, and put the needs of others first and serve the people. Using this philosophy has helped me to become a better leader that enables me to motivate and encourage others in a positive way. As I am passionate about helping others and developing my leadership skills I strive to build good relationships between all people and ensure equality is achieved with all my fellow students, teachers and within the wider community.

My vision as a College Captain for MacKillop is to promote student voice, encourage multicultural awareness and promote leadership across the year levels. As one of the seven selected College Captains, we chose a quote that we wanted to be remembered by. The quote we chose was, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” (Helen Keller). This is a quote that not just myself but my fellow College Captains would like to promote, the idea of leadership as a team, rather than a hierarchy.

I hope to focus on teaching and improving the leadership skills, for those who hope or who are leaders in the younger year levels. The students in high school at the moment are our future leaders, therefore improving their leadership’s skills, encouraging them and motivating them to go above and beyond, will allow them to become better leaders and create a happier, equitable and more positive world. 

As a College Captain, I aspire to be the best that I can be, leave my mark and to make a positive difference as so many in the world have done before me.


Congratulations Kirsty!