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Stories and Voices Section

With the exception of Vicki Walker and James Wandin's statements, all other statements represent extracts from speeches that are displayed on the Council for Reconciliation's website (archived), or the website of Reconciliation Australia,

The extracts are reprinted with permission and with encouragement to visit the sites for the full text of these speeches, as well as other information and resources.


The Catholic Education Office Melbourne is grateful to the following people, organisations and groups for their contributions to Yarra Healing.

  • Staff of Fraynework Multimedia who designed and produced this site.
  • The Commonwealth Indigenous Education Strategic Initiatives Program (IESIP).
  • People of the Kulin Nation and other Koorie people who contributed stories and other text, in particular Mr James Wandin, Dr Joy Murphy Wandin; Mrs Glenys Merry, Mr Bryon Powel, Mrs Carolyn Briggs, Mrs Vicki Walker, Mr Trevor Edwards.
  • Schools and parishes of the Archdiocese of Melbourne that contributed photos, stories and other materials.
  • Local government agencies that contributed photos, stories and other materials.
  • National and local organisations and agencies that gave permission to create hyperlinks with their websites.
  • People who offered critical review, comment and guidance on draft materials, in particular Dr Joy Murphy Wandin, staff of Fraynework Multimedia, staff of the Kulin Nation Cultural Heritage Organisation, staff of the Aboriginal Catholic Ministry, staff of the Victorian Aboriginal Education Association Incorporated (VAEAI).