On Sacred Ground: Learning about The Dreaming and Aboriginal Beliefs

On Sacred Ground: Learning About the Dreaming and Indigenous Beliefs

When developing units of work on this particular topic, the following learnings need to be considered:

  • From the beginning of time, people have wondered at the beauty and power of nature and at humanity's relationship with it. They have developed powerful stories or myths to express their understanding of how life came to be.
  • For many thousands of years, Indigenous people used songs and stories to express their beliefs about the origins and meaning of life and land forms, the cycles of nature, and the harmony and conflict among human life and the animal world.
  • The Dreaming refers to how Indigenous peoples explain the beginning and the continuity of life.
  • The Dreaming is not fixed in the ancient era of creation. It continues in the spiritual lives of Indigenous peoples today, and its influence is embedded in many aspects of everyday living.
  • The Dreaming heritage carries special obligations to protect and preserve the spirit of the land and the life forms that are part of it. The Dreaming heritage also influences codes of behaviour, laws, family and social structures, and sacred duties.
  • Different Indigenous groups in Australia have their own Dreaming beliefs, Dreaming stories and Spirit Ancestors.
  • The Dreaming is passed on through a rich tradition of song, poetry, dance, art and storytelling.