Inquiry Learning (Secondary)


Level: Year 7
Topic: Ancient Civilisations

In this unit students will explore a variety of Ancient Civilisations. They will investigate the lifestyle and organisation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in Ancient times, and recognise them as the oldest continuous living culture in the world. They will then explore other Ancient Civilisations such as; Egypt, Greece, Sumer, China and Rome. They will compare some of the Ancient Civilisations and identify aspects of their lifestyle and organisation that have influenced today’s society.

Level: Year 8
Topic: Sustainability


This unit is about the sustainable beliefs and practices of Indigenous peoples, and how they can provide possible solutions to contemporary environmental issues. Students begin by exploring the current issues of environmental damage and sustainability. They then learn about the beliefs and practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people regarding care for the land. They consider how these practices may make a difference to today’s environmental problems. Students then work in interest-based groups to participate in an action that will allow them to apply their understandings in a local or school based project. 

Level: Year 9
Topic: Always an Inclusive Australia?

During this unit students will consider the questions: Has Australia always been an inclusive society? Is Australia an inclusive society today? They will explore changes in attitudes and perspectives throughout Australia’s history through study and analysis of key events including; European settlement and its impact on Indigenous peoples, Immigration and the ‘White Australia Policy’, the Stolen Generation, and War. They will compare the attitudes and perspectives of the past to today’s society, to see what has changed and what still remains a challenge. 

Level: Year 10
Topic: Power to the People

In this unit students will explore the impact that people in positions of power can have on the rights and freedoms of others. They will examine the rights and freedoms people have in a democratic society, and then analyse issues and decisions in Australia where these rights and freedoms have been tested. They will identify the values and attitudes underpinning these decisions, and the different perspectives of the various stakeholders. They will consider the short and long term effects on various groups.


Students will examine the events and personal stories of stolen generations in depth, using a process to analyse the impact on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and the wider community. They will then follow the same process to analyse another issue in Australia’s democratic history.