Sacred Heart College

Gayip at Sacred Heart College, Geelong

Many students and staff at Sacred Heart College attended the Reconciliation Gayip in Melbourne in May 2001. As a follow on from this and other Reconciliation activities, we held our own Gayip at the school in August 2001.

Many students and staff have met various members of the Wathaurong Cooperative (from North Geelong) over the years and have visited 'Narana Creations' - Geelong's Aboriginal Craft and Cultural Centre in Grovedale. We also have links with other community groups like 'Geelong One Fire Reconciliation' and the Aboriginal Catholic Ministry in Melbourne. These groups have contributed generously to our understanding and appreciation of the living Aboriginal culture around us.

Gayip was an opportunity to get together - adults and students - and in a forum context discuss Reconciliation from a personal viewpoint. We shared stories and contributed ideas on how to keep the movement alive in our own hearts and in the hearts of others. We also took the opportunity to plant the Gayip seedling (given to us at the Melbourne Reconciliation Gayip) as a living symbol of growth and hope for a better future in which we share the land and its resources as one people.

Cindy Alsop, an artist fron Narana, has painted a Reconciliation Rock in our Indigenous Garden. The rock is used to show the coming together of many different cultures both in Sacred Heart College and also in the wider community. The eagle on the Rock depicts the Great Spirit Bunjil, the Creator Ancestor of the Kulin Nation peoples of central Victoria, which includes our local Wathuarong area. The eagle is also Sacred Heart's school emblem. The circle represents a campsite or meeting place and the "U" shape represents people.