Overview of this Site

Vision and Process provides an introduction to the vision and purpose of Yarra Healing. It outlines the Yarra Healing process and provides information on the complexities and sensitivities of language usage when studying and 'representing' a society, a people and their history. 

Kulin Nation offers an introduction to the Kulin nation and to each of the five key Kulin language groups - Wathaurong, Boon Wurrung, Dja Dja Wurrung, Taungurung and Woiwurrung (Wurundjeri People). It invites visitors on a journey of discovery and understanding about our local Indigenous peoples and their heritage.

Stories and Voices presents Koorie people telling their family histories and the histories of their 'group' and enables visitors to reflect on the thoughts of Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians as they share their views about Reconciliation and how we as citizens and as a nation can authentically achieve this.

The Stories focus on present-day issues. A key story in this collection of stories is about the Wurundjeri people. It is told by Joy Murphy-Wandin, a Wurundjeri Elder, and is presented as a video file.

The Voices represent an invitation to dialogue and to the growth of voices speaking out in support of Reconciliation.

Teaching and Learning offer teachers some curriculum support materials that:

  • link the website materials with current curriculum documents;
  • provide information about key resources and learning outcomes for students;
  • outline some key understandings and essential learnings that might underpin units of work in Indigenous Studies;
  • offer some suggestions for curriculum design and development.

This section also holds information on School Initiatives which showcase some exemplary projects, programs and celebrations for Reconciliation that have been undertaken by Catholic schools, deaneries and parishes in the Archdiocese of Melbourne. The promotion of these ventures is intended to stimulate and encourage other exemplary initiatives across the Archdiocese.

Education Centres offers information about and links with a number of educational agencies which have the potential to enrich and extend classroom and school programs in Koorie Studies.

Indigenous Organisations presents a directory of key national, state and local Indigenous organisations and affiliated agencies. These organisations offer a wide range of services and in some instances are able to provide resource support to schools.

This section also provides a direct connection to a number of websites that have as their focus Indigenous peoples' issues and perspectives. Direct and comprehensive access is also facilitated to the award-winning educational resource Lore of the Land.

Celebrations presents visitors with a range of prayer and reflection services. These have varying themes and emphases, though Indigenous perspectives and approaches to spiritual growth underpin each of the reflections. They are intended primarily for use in group settings and enable participants to express their experiences of new learning, healing and/or celebration.

News and Updates provides up to date information on conferences, events and news which further the cause of Reconciliation.